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Frequently Asked Finance Questions

Getting Pre-Qualified | Our Participating Lenders & Rates | Using Pre-Qualification Offers

  • How do I get pre-qualified?

    Submit your information to check your eligibility for any pre-qualification offers.

  • Where can I check my pre-qualification status?

    Don't have a Twin Vee Connect account? Enter the email you used when applying and we’ll email instructions on how to set one up. Make sure to check your inbox and spam folder. You can also reach out directly to the participating lender.

  • When does my pre-qualification expire?

    Your offer is valid for 30 days after your pre-qualification request is received. If your offer has expired, you can always re-submit your information to check your eligibility for a new offer. Note: the offer may be different upon resubmission.

  • I have an offer. What am I pre-qualified for?

    You’re pre-qualified for boat financing from one of our participating lenders. Your offer can be used to purchase boats sold by dealers who work with the participating lender(s) you’re pre-qualified with.

  • How much am I pre-qualified for?

    The total amount you may finance for a given vehicle can vary based on the lender. Reach out directly to participating lenders with any additional questions.

  • Can I get pre-qualified with poor credit?

    Everyone is welcome to see if they pre-qualify with our participating lenders!

  • Do I need to include a down payment?

    A down payment may be required in certain circumstances. In these cases, you’ll be prompted to include a down payment when it is necessary to purchase the boat.

  • I never received notification of my pre-qualification approval.

    Make sure to check your inbox and spam folder. You can also view and open pre-qualification offers here.

  • Which lenders do you work with?

    Capital One Auto Finance, Westlake Financial, and Global Lending Services (GLS) are our participating lenders. Have questions about lender restrictions or your specific offer? Reach out directly to lenders for help.

  • Which lenders am I pre-qualified with?

    To view your financing dashboard to check your current offers. If you don’t see any active offers, you can see if you pre-qualify.

  • Which lender is my offer rate from?

    You’ll see the name of the lender next to each rate with your offer.

  • How is my monthly payment for my offer calculated?

    Your monthly payment is calculated based on the amount you wish to finance, your Annual Percentage Rate, and the term of your loan.

  • Why don’t I see rates from each of my pre-qualified participating lenders?

    Our lenders each work with different dealers. Depending on the dealer, the boat, and the status of your pre-qualification, the lender(s) who provide offer(s) may vary.

  • Why are rates and loan terms different for some lenders vs. others?

    Different lenders have different credit and lending policies. They can vary based on credit and boat criteria.

  • What do I do with my pre-qualification offer?

    Use your offer to view rates for boats eligible for financing on Twin Vee Connect. Make sure to print or reference your pre-qualification certificate on your phone or device. Take your pre-qualification offer with you when you visit the dealer. Terms are not final until your financing is completed at a participating dealer.

  • What should I expect at the dealer?

    Contact the dealer in advance to make sure the boat you selected is still available. Bringing your offer and knowing your terms in advance will help you make a more informed financing decision. Plus, if the dealer offers alternate financing options, you'll have something to compare them to and leverage for negotiation. When using your offer to complete your boat purchase, the dealer will ask you to fill out an additional credit application and may ask for a driver’s license, insurance, proof of income or proof of residence.

  • How do I know the dealer will have the boat I selected?

    Pre-qualifying does not guarantee that the exact boat you selected will be available when you go to the dealer. Please call the dealer before visiting to check the availability of the exact model you have selected.

  • Can I use my pre-qualification for multiple boats?

    Your pre-qualification allows you to view and compare rates on multiple vehicles. Your pre-qualification can only be used for the purchase of one personal use vehicle.

*Estimated down payment is for informational purposes only and don’t account for financing pre-qualifications, acquisition fees, destination charges, tax, title, and other fees and incentives or represent a financing offer or guarantee of credit from the seller.

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